Join us for a long and relaxing Yin Yoga class on Sunday morning! If you like Yin Yoga this is a definitely a class for you!:)

Winter is the most Yin-time during the year as it turns our attention naturally inside. In this long Yin class we are going to slowly get inward, so that we can charge our batteries, find again rest and stability and prepare the body and mind for the new beginning in the spring.

Yin Yoga is based on traditional Chinese medicine. In this system we assume that everything is made out of five elements, connected to five seasons and corresponding with them organs and meridians (energy lines). Through long holds and gentle stretches of Yin Yoga, we are softening deep layer of connective tissue (bindweefsel). In this connective tissue is located the meridian system: energetical system that spreads throughout the entire body.

In the winter, according to Chinese medicine, the Water element is active the most. Corresponding organs are kidneys and bladder, which are considered the foundation of balance for all the other organs. Like a storehouse of vital energy they need to remain balanced for all the other organs to function well.

During the class we are going to follow energy lines responsible for stimulating your kidney’s and bladder. It will help you to overcome the stress, relax and let go.

Deelnemersbijdrage: voor Go2Yoga leden: €20,50, met Platinum Go2yoga abonnement gratis,  voor niet- leden: €25,90

Zondag 27 januari 2019 van 11.30 tot 13.45 uur. Aanmelden voor 19 januari via mail.